Yes.  We always recommend demoing BEFORE your commit to a Gaming System.  Ask your ICG Distributor for a Demo.

We are on your side and want you to be profitable with the best Gaming System for you.  If you choose a Gaming System that doesn’t work for your specific situation, we will of course try to solve the situation.  If software issue cannot be resolved through troubleshooting, then you and your ICG distributor:

  1. Come up with plan of which system to move balance (given all rates are different, transfer may not be on a 1:1 ratio)
  2. You close out all of your customer accounts
  3. Balance is transferred to new system

Closing out can take up to a week since you will need to give prior notice to all your customers.

You may contact us through:

  • Your ICG Distributor (an email format of [name] – For all pricing, software suggestions, and general inquiries
  • ICG Support ( or 702-209-0185) – For software changes, invoicing, payments, etc
  • Support Ticket (Click Here)- For situations that require more in depth research

If you are unsure, contact us and we will help you

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