Do you have a Gaming System you want sold?

Internet Cafe Games (ICG) may be the Sales Force you have been looking for to take your product to the next level.  Start reaping the rewards like dozens of other manufactures have experienced by having ICG distribute their product to the industry.

Having your Gaming System distributed, has never been easier.  With ICG, we handle the below for you:

  • Contact store owners
  • Customer support for store owners
  • Manage relationship with store owner / manager
  • Invoice locations
  • Facilitate payments

Other benefits of working with ICG:

  • Immediate access to a massive store & sales force database
  • Dedicated channel for you to communicate with ICG support staff
  • Reputable distributor – we take relationships in this industry serious
  • Consolidated Payment – We send you big consolidated payments.  This makes accounting easy on your team

All you need to do is provide the product and some details, and we can take it from there. 

What are you waiting for?  Fill out the below info today and start enjoying the benefits of having a sales team boost your revenue!

Gaming System Provider Info

Please submit the below information so we can have information about your system. Please include as much infomation as possible. Thank you!